Sunday, 23 November 2014

Beginning Beading

I've been carrying on working on the masters for casting some sides for a model of the latest FR carriage 119.

I'm planning to use the same moulds I made for the ends and doors of the other three Super Barns so I only have the two main sections to produce.

Having made up another 1st stage outline, and stored them squashed in an old photo album to keep them nice and flat, I removed the first one and began adding the 2nd layer with the beading detail.

I've had to cheat a little bit here.

On the real carriage the beading on the lower body panels sticks out further than the detailing on the window pillars, and this is most noticeable on the very end pillars where there isn't a strip running all the way up the way as I have had to do it here.

The thing is, if I didn't put a strip at the end it would make all the rest of the pillars look odd and it also serves as an easy way to get a clean divide between the red and the ivory colour when painting without having to resort to some extremely fiddly masking.

It also matches every other FR carriage that I've made so it looks consistent.

I know the rivet counters won't be happy, nor the beading buffs (if such people exist?) but as I've written here on the blog before I believe modelling is all about creating the best overall impression rather than having something accurate to the most minute detail bit sticking out like a sore thumb against everything around it.

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