Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cutting Windows

It doesn't look like it but this was most of an evening's working cutting all the window and door holes in the pieces for the 'east wing' of number 20 Oberon Wood.

The ones in the main side piece (the big funny-shaped piece) were challenging because they are quite small overall and in the case of the ones on the top right quite narrow as well.

The doors are going to be fun to make.

One piece, as you can see, has an extra-wide doorway with a much thinner one next to it.

The thin one is, I believe, a refuse cupboard and is filled with a slatted wooden door.

The large one to the right is divided in half down the middle - one side is a fairly standard glazed door with a thick bar in the middle, but to its right is a panel - I assume a fixed one - with thin vertical glazing bars.

I don't have a photograph to hand so you'll have to accept that description for the moment and I'll post a picture here when I've done it and you can judge me on it then.

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