Sunday, 13 December 2015

Strange Shapes

This odd looking collection of parts are the blank outer wall pieces for the other half of the latest house I'm building.

The shape of number 20, like many of the Oberon Wood houses is, complicated enough with the combination of  inset porches, dormer windows and those distinctive long galleries.

But this one is even more so because it sits on a plot where there is a considerable change in the ground level front to rear.

That is what accounts for the uneven shape along he bottom of the biggest piece.

It needs to be cut like that because there are three rows of brickwork visible between the ground and the render.

The way I'll do that is to mount another section of styrene inside, all around, which will extend below the bottom of the house forming a nice, flat foundation.

I'll then be able to bond a layer of embossed brickwork pattern styrene on top to complete the effect.

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