Tuesday, 31 May 2016

First Coat

I told Himself there was no urgency on getting the Disco Car painted, which means, of course, that he's started work on it immediately.

The first coats of red and cream are looking good.

However, to my horror I've discovered a couple of oversights - and halfway through painting is not the best time for that!

Firstly, I realised that I forgot to make and fit fall plates on the corridor connections.

That, at least, is easy to fix.

The other thing will be a little trickier.

When I built it I only had a very small image - in terms of file size - which showed the ends on the 'engine side' where the push pull connections are and so I had to take a bit of a punt on the bits that I fitted on the model based on what I thought I could see there.

Well, it turns out that Himself has superb close-up picture of the top end of 121 but never thought to reveal this too me until it's almost too late.

Now that I can see what's there, or at least what was there at one point in time - because they're always fiddling - I feel morally obliged to try and correct it.

The tricky bit is going to be doing it without compromising the paint job,

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