Thursday, 8 September 2016

Clearance Test - Failed!

This is a problem that I suspect only narrow gauge modellers encounter, when your new rolling stock doesn't fit your layout!

Having mounted 150 on its bogies I took it over to Himself's place to give it a wee test run on Dduallt.

We had an unwelcome surprise when we came to run it through Rhoslyn Cutting - it hits the bridge pillars on the engine side.

This caused some consternation, as you can imagine.

Closer examination, however, revealed there had been a fundamental (and rather foolish) error during the making of the chassis - the bogie pivots are off centre!

For this I must hold my hands up.

I have been sloppy and careless - and I've given Himself a damned good laugh into the bargain.

So the holes will have to be filled, re-drilled and the bolts re-inserted.

In future I shall remind myself to measure twice and drill once. Doh!

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