Thursday, 22 September 2016

More B's

There are usually part-built and untouched kits lying around in a drawer in a modeller's home and Himself is no different.

A couple of years ago I cast him a job lot of B wagon kits and there are still some he hasn't got around to making up.

So he's decided to get on with one of those to kick-start the autumn modelling season.

This one, he tells me,  is number 1125, and I am not in a position to argue.

My encyclopedic knowledge extends only to carriages, not the finer details of wagons.

To me they're all sort of reddish-brown utility vehicles and I've never studied them enough to tell one from the other.

Himself has paid a little more attention, however, and I believe he has altered the position of the vacuum reservoir on this one and I can see the the handrail at the top right is the opposite way round to normal.

I can only assume this is correct for this wagon, and I know there are some of you reading the blog who'll be happy to correct me should I be proven wrong.

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