Monday, 6 November 2017


I am plodding on with the order I have for a rake of SAR wagons which includes a pair of the V-16 brake vans.

Before I joined the sides together on the chassis block I had fitted the handrails while I was still able to handle the pieces on their own which makes it a lot simpler to file down the backs to make them completely flush so you don't have any problems fitting glazing.

It's not in view in the picture but when I designed this kit I came up with an idea for making it easier to form the roof and stop it sagging.

There is a solid block of resin which is the size as the interior of the van and has its top surface curved to match the roof line.

All you have to do is cut a very thin piece of styrene sheet the right size and stick it onto the top of the resin block.

Then you simply glue it in place with the block sitting inside the top edges of the body.

Not only does it mean that the roof cannot sag it also ensures that the top of the body won't bend inwards either.

Yes, there is a small weight penalty and you might be concerned about the effect it has on the van's centre of gravity but I've had no one reporting any problems to me so far.

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