Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Start On The Doors

I got around to doing some actual modelling at last.

The next task on the WHR saloon 2047 is to make the base layer of the doors and the ends.

Like the FR Superbarns - sorry, Super Saloons - these carriages have the doors at either end inset so I build them as separate units to be glued onto the end of the central section of the body.

The WHR carriages are much wider, because of the more generous loading gauge, and they are also easier to make because they do not have the windows above the doors which extend upwards into the roof which make the FR carriages that much harder to model.

I've also made the first stage of the ends which are noticeably deeper and are tricky to fabricate with that curved top piece and the challenge of making sure you have positioned it perfectly centrally so you have the same overhang on either side.

I won't be able to start on the next layer, however, until I've got my hands on more of the right size of thin strips.

I could order some online or I could just raid Himself's stockpile.

Decisions, decisions....

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