Monday, 1 January 2018

Lilla Lining

Happy New Year to you!

I've got a rather nice picture for the first post of 2018.

Himself has been making steady progress with the second stage of the lining on Lilla, adding the thin red lines inside the pale blue which he put on first.

It's very delicate and painstaking work and what you see here is the result of a number of short sessions at the workbench because dealing with something as small as a quarry Hunslet in OO9 you quickly tire your brain and eyesight.

For the red lines he's switched onto the Kemco / Modelmaster waterslide transfers which are a little bit finer than the Fox product he used on the blue and the corner pieces have a smaller radius as well which works better for sitting inside the blue.

For the moment he's just got the 'clock side' of the loco done but it's clear that it's going to look stunning when it's finished.

Lining it out also has the benefit that, hopefully, it will distract the eye from the imperfect surface of the 3D printed body which still has many obvious horizontal bands despite his efforts to tidy it up.

I guess we've just been spoiled by having so many brass locomotive bodies in the fleet.

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