Sunday, 6 May 2018

Name Board

Himself is slowly working through the list of things to make Bron Hebog look more like it's 'finished' for taking it to Bressingham.

Something that we'd never got around to until now was making up a proper name board and some lighting.

It's not an optimum solution, because what we'd really like is a pelmet that goes all the way around the front of the layout, but the difficulty we have with Bron Hebog is it's unusual depth on the main S bend section.

It's not realistic to have it supported from the rear without some advanced, lightweight engineering and we really don't want to break up the views by having posts along the front or at the corners.

(Another curiosity about the layout is that you can view it on three sides.

We've mounted as many LED spots as we can on the brackets and they'll hopefully improve the illumination a little but it is a big area to flood with light.

The big test will come at Narrow Gauge East next month.


  1. Rob. We used a tensioned plywood pelmet on Lammermuir. The sides create a resistance to support the front section. I overengineered it somewhat and it could still be lightened in weight. It'll be set up at the Fort next week for a shakedown.

  2. You might find a more theatrical lighting unit might help. A couple of bigger LED wash lamps.