Tuesday, 18 December 2018

We Shall Need Gladstone

Don't worry, we're not about to go standard gauge on you.

It's just that the line from the Will Hay classic "Oh Mr Porter!" came to mind when I was pondering which project to take on now I've got that contract job on the SAR wagons out of the way.

Given the recent political breakthrough between the FR and the WHHR (which, let the record show, we anticipated in miniature by three full months!) we're going to need a more authentic train for our Russell to haul on Bron Hebog.

This summer I finished the ex-VoR brake van in BR blue, and the Bro Madog carriage, and I think what I might work on next is a 'Gladstone Carriage' - so-called because the lengendary Liberal Prime Minister is reputed to have ridden in it once.

I have built one before, in styrene, for a customer.

The question is whether I scratch build again this time for myself or invest in a brass body for it?


  1. "You're waaaaste-ing, your tiiime" :)

    Love that film. I reckon I could probably recite most of it by heart...