Monday, 24 May 2010

Jig Time

Being geometrically challenged (see previous post) making the angled support struts at either end of the hoppers could be a potentially time consuming and frustrating business, resulting in a lot of wasted styrene strip with multiple attempts to cut pieces to fit.

So I've come up with this wee device which I hope will help with the fabrication of these struts (and there are 8 of them on the 2 wagons) and with a bit of luck they'll come together in jig time.

I won't be able to put this jig to the test until I get my hands on the 'I Beam' Evergreen strip I need. It's currently caught up in our wonderful modernised postal service, who have so conveniently moved delivery times towards the middle of the day when you can all but guarantee there'll be no one in the house to sign for recorded delivery items such as the aforementioned styrene strips.

It's progress apparently.

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