Sunday, 16 May 2010

Take Your Seats

After correcting the Ffatal Fflaw discovered last week with the fitting of replacement bodysides there's been some steady progress on 103 in the last few days.

14 seats have been fabricated and fixed in place on the underframe assembly.

The underframe also required remedial action, because I had lined up the tiebars and the hangers according to the window frames; which were of course wrong. So they had to be ripped out and new ones made up (which also meant a 50 mile round trip to the nearest model shop for more brass!)

The little lugs on the outside of the frame, which I assume were welded on to support the wider bodyshell, have been added on with wee off cuts of strip. Footsteps at the doors are also in place now.

The main tasks remaining now are the 14 tables, the vac pipe and hoses and electrical connections at each end.

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