Monday, 9 August 2010

Running To Stand Still (Part 2)

Last month I blogged about changes around the real Beddgelert station and our dilemma about whether to attempt to keep up with developments on Bron Hebog or 'lock off' the layout in 2009. In the end we decided on the latter.

A research visit by the other half of the team last week has confirmed the wisdom of that decision.

Within the collection of buildings at Cwm Cloch Farm is an old stone barn / longhouse in a graceful state of dilapidation. Note, in particular, the state of the slate roof...

So that's how I've been building it.

The only picture I have of the my longhouse model is at a midway point in construction. There are no slates on the roof, just the holes where the missing and slipped ones are, but I have since finished it and sent it down south for painting and take my word for it, every slate was cut out of thin card and faithfully stuck in place.

Over the years the real barn has been shedding slates like a christmas tree drops its needles until last week it was observed that the farmer has decided to do up the building and it is now sporting a posh new corrugated metal roof.

The upstairs dorm extension on the front (as shown on the first picture) has also been taken down.

Needless to say I'm not ripping apart my painstakingly dilapidated barn to copy him!

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  1. woooah! it'll look a much more interesting model in the run-down state than the shiny new tin roof!