Saturday, 21 May 2011

Identical Twins

The absence of new models appearing on this blog in recent weeks may have given you the impression that I have been slacking but in fact I have still be beavering away at the workbench on another (yes, yet another!) pair of Barns for a client.

These will turn into a 123 and a 107 to run alongside the 102 and 105 recently delivered to the Line With No Name

If you've been paying attention for the last few weeks you will realise that this means I have a set of (near) identical twins on the go - 2 123's, a 106 (for me) and now a 107 (which is as identical to 106 as FR carriages ever get).

Here's how mine are looking at the moment.

I've had a little pause in the work on 123 because I was unsure what bits and pieces it is carrying underneath the floor since its rebuild, so I would like to record my grateful thanks to the FR's Roger Dimmick for finding time to slip out into the sidings at Harbour station to take some snaps for me.

Just a week remains now until I will be heading down south to join up with Himself and the rest of the Bron Hebog crew to show Dduallt at Railex, and I must confess I'm getting very excited at the thought of playing with my 'train set' again for the first time in 18 months. Hope to see some of you there.

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