Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's Looking Grim

I should be getting really excited about the prospect of playing with Dduallt at Railex this weekend for the first time in a year and a half.

Instead I find myself, like thousands of other airline passengers, nervously scanning weather forecasts and official aviation statements trying to second guess whether my flight from Glasgow to London this Friday is going to happen or not.

Being a radio reporter many people might suppose I've got the inside track on what Grimsvotn's going to do next and where the wind will blow the ash, but the reality is we in the media have got no more idea that the rest of you.

The situation changes every couple of hours and there's no point worrying about it because I won't know for sure until Friday morning whether my travel plans have turned to ash or not.

That's easier said that done, of course, so at least I have these new pictures sent by Himself of the completed Combination Carr to try and take my mind off it.

Himself tells me that he's never making another one because it was a job and a half to get all the windows in place - it took him the best part of a day apparently!

One final thought on the volcano / ash cloud.

I have checked and it seems I have never had any hits on this blog from Iceland, so with there being little chance of offending any readers I would like to state for the record that their geology sucks!

There, I feel better to have got that off my chest!


  1. Hmmm. If only there were a way to get from Glasgow to London without flying. Maybe some sort of wheeled vehicle that runs on steel rails maybe ?

  2. Indeed - however in this instance I had chosen to fly so my 4 year old girl could experience a short flight before putting her through the ordeal of a 24hr journey to New Zealand for a family wedding later this year...

  3. wheels and steel rails? even less reliable, takes longer and definitely more expensive!

    Oh and greeting from Iceland

    edrick edricksson

  4. Ah. Don't forget that without their geology there'd be no OUR geology. :~|