Monday, 4 July 2011

Odd Ones Out

Here are the base layers for the next pair of carriages being made for a client.

On the top is the main section of bodyside for 116 and below is 114.

116 was the one-off aluminium bodied carriage built in the 1970's. It was another radical departure for the FR. A small fleet of 'Barns' had been built by the new company in the previous decade, but they were based loosely on an existing design theme (the L&B carriages) and the bodies were wooden.

This carriage was the first to be made only from metal and had big bus-sized windows. During a rebuild in the 80's it was indeed fitted with bus windows with the sliding opening at the top. It began life as a composite with a first class compartment at the bottom end but is being modelled in its third incarnation as an 'improved 3rd' saloon with the window spacings altered.

114 was the last of the three 'Carnforth' carriages with their distinctive square-proportioned windows and relatively flush bodysides. After this trio was built at the start of the 90's the FR returned to building 'Barn' style carriages in-house at Boston Lodge so it seems there will only ever be three of this kind.

The spacing of the window pillars immediately identifies it as a buffet carr. With the narrow high windows in the serving area 114 always reminds me of a miniature standard gauge MkIII catering vehicle.

The next step will be to form the rounded window frames on both carriages.

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