Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MOTW - WHR Pullman Obs

The MOTW this time is one of my P&J's (Pride and Joy's) the WHR's Pullman Observation Carr 'Glaslyn'.

There's a brass scratch-aid kit on the market now but I made this one first and did it the hard way!

The challenge with this carriage, as you've probably realised, is the curved front.

As you'll know if you've already read my carriage building guide my usual approach is to make up the bodysides and roof as one unit and have a removable floor /chassis. But on this carriage I needed the floor to keep the curved front section in shape.

I began by making this sub-assembly..

Which was then bonded to the other sections of the body like this....

You can see, above, how 95% of the floor will still be removable.

Next I made up the roof section. The front pair of window pillars won't be added until the roof is fixed on, and you might also notice that the curved front of the roof is slightly behind that of the bodyside at the bottom. This is because the front window pillars are angled backwards slightly..

Here's another shot with those pillars in place. The floor / chassis has been made up, too, including the skirt beneath the front of the carriage.

The actual carriage has since been named 'Glaslyn' in traditional Pullman fashion - by HM The Queen, no less!

Himself did a stunning job with the lining using 4mm and 2mm scale Fox waterslide transfers.

To be perfectly frank with you - and not having the model to hand - I cannot recall whether we have yet named our model, or if we haven't, whether we will indeed be doing so!

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