Friday, 1 July 2011

MOTW - 114 'Carnforth' Buffet Carr

It's back to the carriage fleet for the latest Model Of The Week feature.

114 is one of a trio built in the early 1990's under the InCa programme. The bodyshells were built at the former Steamtown depot in Carnforth (now the base for charter operator West Coast Railways). 112 & 113 were composites, with two first class compartments at the bottom end, while 114 was designed as a buffet carriage.

For their first decade in service they ran in this green and ivory livery and for a time operated as a push-pull set with diesel locos Conway Castle and Cricceth Castle. Which is how we run them on Dduallt.

They have since been repainted into the standard maroon and ivory livery and dispersed among the the FR fleet, with 113 spending a number of seasons providing extra capacity in one of the WHR rakes.

They remain distinctive vehicles with their comparatively flush bodywork and square, horizontally divided windows.

This model was scratch built from styrene, but using a thicker base layer than other carriages to account for the relative lack of beading.

The window frames are also worth mentioning. Like the P-Way mess coach 1111 they have a rim which is proud of the bodyside. I was asked a while back if I could post about how I did this and as I'm about to start building another model of 114 for a client I shall put some step-by-step shots on the blog.

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  1. As the one that did the asking, thanks! I'll look forward to this.

    And yes, those shallow windows do give it a look of a mini-Mk3 carriage buffet.