Wednesday, 20 July 2011

MOTW - Water Tower

It's not an item of rolling stock this week but a structure. The water tower at Beddgelert.

No, not the manky concrete relic. A proper one!

The tower sits at the north (Caernarfon) end of the station and feeds the water crane at the end of the platform.

This model was made by Himself from brass, with various sizes of tube, wire and angle soldered together to form the base and the tank constructed out of etched brass 'Braithwaite' panels.

I particularly like the X shape bracing struts and small details like the feed pipe.

The tower lifts off the layout when it's packed away, and the legs locate into the concrete bases on the embankment.

This shot of the Funkey diesel 'Caernarfon Castle' gives a nice impression of the bulk of the structure.

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