Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Cover-Up

It's not often I use masking tape when painting my carriages, but 116 is an exception. Nearly all other FR and WHR carriages have a line of beading which separates the maroon colour from the cream, but 116 is completely flush.

The stuff I'm using (cos I know folk are interested in these things) is a roll of orange stuff I bought donkeys years ago at the Glasgow exhibition. It's got the name 'Eurostar' on the cardboard ring inside - the same as the Chunnel choo-choos.

I began the painting with the maroon before masking off the join...

And here's it is after a couple of coats of cream..

116 also has the latest reverse livery on the doors, but I can't add the cream on the lower door panels until the tape has been removed.

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