Thursday, 18 August 2011

Roofing Contractor

116 is looking much more like a finished carriage after a morning session working on the roof.

It was made using my usual structure - flat false ceiling with longitudinal ribs supporting a styrene skin - as illustrated in many previous posts here on the blog.

What's slightly different about 116 is there is a much less obvious edge to the roof like there is on the Barns - where the gutters run - I think it is quite reminiscent of the monocoque structure of the BR MkII carriages.

This is achieved with lots of rubbing with wet and dry paper. I like to do this by moving the object rather than the paper. I have an A4 sized piece on the desk and rub the edge of the roof fore and aft, trying to maintain an even pressure so that the styrene is worn away evenly along its whole length.

There's just a few tables to make and glue in place (which is the clients specification) and then I think this one will be ready to paint.


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