Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dome From Home

Linda's bespoke 'roman helmet' dome has been delivered, hot off the lathe.

Here are some shots of the lady trying her new hat for size.

From above you can see how Chris has added the safety valve detail.

And for comparison here is Linda posed with older sister Blanche to show the difference in their profiles.

True FR anoraks, of course, would be able to reel off a list of sisterly differences. I can think of three obvious ones straight away.

Any advances on three?


  1. Nice work! I fell in love with these two ladies on my first visit to Porthmadog (many years ago!). Good to see the models taking shape. :)

  2. Ooh that's looking sweet! Ha, the differences...I'm no expert, but the cabs are a different shape, Blanche has straight cut-outs, Linda is more curvaceous...Blanche's cylinders changed shape when she got her posh Crewe piston valve cylinders, while Linda, last time I looked, retains slide valves. Blanche also has a "snifting valve" on top of the saddle tank, near the chimney. Linda, I think, ran during your modelled period with a chimney that was a left-over from the combustion experiments made on her...I quite liked this chimney. Mech lubricators are slightly different, too I think. I'm sure there's a few more differences, as I'm spieling off the top of my head! No doubt someone who really knows will put me right. (rustles anorak)