Wednesday, 4 January 2012

MOTW - 87

I think it's appropriate that our first Model Of The Week for 2012 should be the WHR's flagship locomotive NGG16 number 87.

87 is one of four Beyer-Garratts currently on the WHR. Three of them have seen service so far. It was one of the first batch of NGG16's built by Cockerill in Belgium in 1936 and is the oldest in the fleet.

It was purchased from store in Exmoor following a large private donation which also covered the cost of an extensive restoration at Boston Lodge Works.

Our model is made from a Backwoods Miniatures kit which has been altered to better represent the earlier design of this class. One of the more obvious changes is the removal of the narrow windows on the cab sides.

This loco spent its first season on the WHR in 2009 in this light grey livery and although it has since been repainted into a midnight blue colour scheme we thought the grey was so distinctive and unusual that we should show our model of 87 in this guise.

In years to come, as memories of its short-lived livery fade, I think it'll become a real head-turner and conversation point on Bron Hebog at exhibitions.

For a number of years now our Garratts (we have three in the fleet at the moment if you include K1) have been rostered on implausible - if not downright impossible - running in turns on Dduallt.

We hope you enjoy these snaps of the big girl taking a gander around the spiral.


  1. When I saw the wee topper shot of 87, I thought it was the real's a smashing model and I liked the grey livery. I nearly ran the car off the cob the first time I saw it on a proving run from BL to Port. What a lovely fantasy, too...a Garratt at Dduallt...imagine the loadings that would be possible!

  2. Having seen the real thing on the WHR, I'm very envious of you owning the miniature.

  3. A lovely model and a fascinating prototype. As a big fan of the rebuilt WHR these big engines are a read draw. How difficult was the Backwoods kit to put together?