Friday, 6 January 2012

The Roof Sticks

And so to the task of completing the roof on the big Pullman 'Bodysgallen'.

This carriage has a very shallow curve so I've taken a bit of a gamble by only putting in one support rib along the centre of the roof. (There are usually three)

Usually I shape the top of these by scrapping away the edges with the scalpel and then finishing off with emery paper. This time, though, I decided it would be quicker and easier - although more extravagant - by topping the rib with a length of half-round styrene strip.

In the picture below you can also see the piece of styrene for the roof skin has been prepared with a triangle cut from each end for the domes.

Here the skin has been bonded in place - or more like battered into submission...

And then the Milliput can be pressed into the ends and roughly smoothed to the right shape. It takes 24 hours to set properly but once it does it becomes rock hard and can be finessed with emery paper.

With the roof left to one side to set I turned my attention to the floor / chassis, fixing the bogie mounting points and making up the distinctive long boxes for auxiliary thingys.

And finally, for now, the corridor connections and the footsteps at the entrance doors were glued on.

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