Tuesday, 16 October 2012

End Game

So, here's the first cast end for the NG-Y ballast wagon kit.

Why is it wedge shaped rather than flat? That's because the sloping ends of the NG Y wagon do not form a perfect diagonal line all the way to the top - there is a narrow vertical strip as well as the angled lip along the top, which you can just make out at the left hand side.

Therefore the only way to make this in an open back mould - where the top usually has to be completely flat - is to design is like a wedge of cheese.

I hope it won't notice too much when the hopper body is put together.

Getting the angled lip along the top to match with corners I'd already cast on the sides was rather tricky and took a few attempts.

The other details you can see are the locating brackets / shelf for the Z struts at each end.

Now I need to cast a second and we can glue it all together.

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