Friday, 12 October 2012


The mould for the NG-Y ballast wagon sides has been tried out for the first time and I'm more than satisfied with the result.

Here's how it looks fresh out of the mould..

All that excess resin you can see is the very thin film - and it is no more than a film - which is formed when the clear sheet (covered in sellotape, for non-stickness) is placed onto the back of the open mould and squelches out in all directions.

A few minutes careful work with the scalpel leaves you with this....

Now I have proved the master - and the mould - is satisfactory I can get on with making masters for the hopper ends, the frame and the trademark Z struts on these NG-Y ballast wagons.

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  1. dont forget to email prices when sorted . The result looks great so far