Wednesday, 9 July 2014

All Set For Silicone

The masters for the new V-16 brake van kit are finished - I hope.

After adding all the rivets to the other side piece - they're on a double-sided styrene base so you can't see it here, but it is - I've made the two ends and a chassis.

The chassis is adapted from the master I designed for the B wagon kit.

It is the same length but it is considerably wider so I made a cast and then beefed it up with styrene strip.

The biggest difference, though, is that the vacuum reservoir tank in a different position on the brake van so I had to carefully hack away the one on the casting and make a replacement by pouring just enough resin into the hole in the mould to make a spare and glue that on in the correct spot.

Now I shall have to make a set of moulds and cast a prototype and we can see if it really does fit together as I planned.

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