Friday, 25 July 2014

Chlorophyll Conundrum

When Himself emails me with a message saying there's an issue with a colour, I worry! Especially when the colour in question is green.

Himself, you see, doesn't do greens. Or at least the message gets lost in translation somewhere between his eyes and his brain and they all become various shades of brown. (This rather scuppered any dreams of being an engine driver...)

With the Artistic Director being blessed with the same special talent and me (who is not colour blind) being 400 miles away from where the action is happening you can perhaps begin to understand my unease.

It would appear - in fact you can judge for yourself below that it is most definitely so - that the latest batch of dyed carpet underlay grass is a different shade to the stuff we were using a couple of years ago.

This is not really Himself's fault. The technique of dunking the underlay in a cold dye bath is a very hit and miss affair and it's perfectly possible that the earlier stuff has faded a little as well since it was laid.

This close up shot gives you a better idea of what's happened here.

Fortunately this carpet underlay is only the base layer of foliage and we'll be putting much more scatter materiel on top which means we should be able to disguise the change quite well.

In all of this chat about genetic blessings and colour tones I've almost overlooked that the left hand corner of the layout is now completely covered and looks a great deal more presentable, and quite impressive too if I may say so myself.

I would like to think that Himself will be able to get most of the layout to this state for the show in Woking in September. I do know that he is certainly doing all he can to make it look the best it can be for the exhibition.

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  1. A problem I'm all too familiar with, and yes, dashed my engine driving dreams too! That's why the wife is chief colour adviser here in Utrainia, and darn grateful I am too! Scenery is looking fantastic, the walls have come up very nicely indeed.