Thursday, 31 July 2014

It's Got Legs

Himself has made speedy progress with the construction of the lower fiddle yard.

The basic baseboard is all but finished now which is pretty impressive given that it's a brand new, back-of-a-fag-packet design so it takes longer working it out as you go along than it does to make the subsequent ones.

He tells me it took almost 2 hours to work out how the legs should be designed so they folded and fitted properly, as you can see below.

The base for the trackbed is a sheet of ply at the bottom topped with Sundeala board, which is apparently very expensive these days as it now has to be made fireproof.

Provided it is well supported it does make a very pleasant fiddle yard 'worktop' - a much nicer feel to it than plain plywood or chipboard.

Himself tells me he is a bit disappointed by how heavy it is given that he pulled out all the stops - by his rather Brunellian standards - to make it lightweight.

He's now going to start working on the other end - the Rhyd Ddu exit of the layout - which will be much taller and therefore even heavier.

After that it will be time to think about a track plan. If I were you I would be seriously considering investing in shares in PECO right now.....

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