Saturday, 2 August 2014

Nearly Finished Yard

Just the track to go now!

I say 'just' but we haven't worked out how much track and in what position yet...

Even so Himself has got these three boards built very swiftly and I think they look quite swish.

They run the full length of the back of the layout.

You can clearly see the step half way along which marks the division between the top and the bottom yards.

The difference doesn't look very much but if fact the track does dip down / rise up towards each end of the scenic section out front to reduce the differential behind and leave open the possibility of having a continuous run loop at the back.

So at some point in the future Himself might cut a 'ski ramp' into this structure to enable through running.

That's all in the future. Just now the priority is to make the layout run in a basic format at Woking next month.

There was some debate about whether we needed to fit folding legs to the middle board or whether it would be enough for it to be suspended between the outer ones.

In the end, as you can see, we did.

This was mainly because I had visions of miscommunication during setting up or break down at an exhibition resulting in one of the end boards being pulled away prematurely and the middle one coming crashing the ground.

Belt and braces as always....

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