Monday, 18 August 2014

Busy With Ballast Wagons

There's a reason why the updates for the last few weeks have been mostly about the construction work Himself is doing on the layout, as opposed to what's on my workbench, because I've been occupied with building up a pair of my ballast wagon kits for a client.

They're part of a long-term agreement to put together a fleet of wagons for someone who's been a very good customer over the last couple of years.

It's no bad thing either to have to assemble some of my own kits because coming back to them after a year or so helps me to appreciate the customers' perspective and consider how future designs / instructions could be improved.

On this build, for example, I experimented with an alternative way of making up the ballast chutes, doing the internal structure first which seemed a little more straightforward.

I won't deny, though, that I'm itching to get back to building some models for myself and my 'To Do' list is lengthening with new subjects.

I'll probably post about some of those in the weeks ahead.

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