Monday, 4 August 2014

Walls & Ballast

Some mundane but nevertheless important progress to record as Himself continues to get the layout into something approaching a state fit to be shown to the public next month.

Over the summer he has prioritised getting all the boards and trackbed complete so that the full extent of the layout can be shown.

Now it's a process of going back and completing the basic scenic details such as spreading and fixing the ballast on the newly laid track and painting the plaster cast walls - in this case on one of the boards at the right hand side of the layout, as the public sees it.

To help you orientate, the square in the middle of the walls is where Cwm Cloch farmhouse will sit (that will be an empty building plot at the show at Woking) and track curving away to the top left is heading off into the forest and towards Rhyd Ddu, or in this case the fiddle yard.

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