Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Some things have been sitting on my modelling 'To Do' list for years and the WHR KMX Tamper match wagon is one of them.

In the last few months, however, the stars have come into alignment and I think the day is drawing near where I might actually get around the building it.

The problem's always been I didn't have any measurements to work with and I wasn't sure what to use as the chassis. It would have been a case of attempting to adapt an N gauge wagon chassis.

Now, however, the 009 Society has produced an exclusive kit for members of RNAD wagons - exactly the kind used as the basis of the tamper match wagon.

So that's problem one sorted.

Then at last, after years of hiding from Himself on far flung or inaccessible parts of the F&WHR system the tamper and its match wagon broke cover and turned up at Boston Lodge so Himself seized the opportunity to take down its vital statistics for me.

The match wagon, however, is not at the very top of my priority list.  That honour belongs to a carriage and I'll be starting work on that any day now....

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