Saturday, 30 August 2014

All Under Control

Both ends, or perhaps I should say, both levels of the fiddle yard have now had the track laid and the temporary control unit for shunting in the yard, which I mentioned in a previous post, has been installed.

To me it all seems very prototypically FR.

During the push back to Blaenau - and to a lesser extend through the WHR project - the railway had a series of short term infrastructure solutions that ended up becoming very much long-term, and for all I know our fiddle yard could end up being just the same.

You can see that Himself has laid out the lower half with the same pattern of sidings as the Caernarfon end.

Eventually we plan to have the control panel for all the point work and electrical sections mounted here at the rear of the layout with the 'drivers' plugging in hand held controllers at the front of the layout where they can combine train operation with public relations duties, ie. Gassing to the punters. (I foresee collisions and derailments)

The only question mark with this temporary set up is that Himself has not been able to test that all the wiring will talk to the rest of the layout because, short of hiring the village hall, we're not able to erect the whole thing to test it.

Set up time at Woking in three weeks could be very interesting....

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