Friday, 22 August 2014

The Sidings

Himself has been finishing off the first draft of the fiddle yard track laying.

This is just a solution to get us up and running for the first couple of exhibitions with the complete layout - the first of which is less than a month away now - and it is by no means the finished design.

Himself got some of the stock out to test what length of trains we'll be able to fit in the sidings.

As you can see from the pictures we will be able to use the run round loops with a 7 car formation of WHR stock with a Garratt at one end.

The siding nearest the edge has a long head shunt which will be able to accommodate a 10 car rake and an NGG16.  The middle road is intended to act as the run round.

At least that's the idea - each of the operators will find their own way of utilising the track layout at shows.

For those of you wondering about the points - or turnouts if you must - they are a mix of the new PECO 'mainline ' range and the original 009 design.

At the moment it's just a case of using what we've got to get it up and running.

The points on the public side of the layout are hand made, but in a fiddle yard where the the point are switched by hand it's much more practical to use the proprietary product.

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