Wednesday, 25 February 2015

More Carriage Painting

We still have one more WHR carriage yet to enter service and it is the latest one, 2046.

I scratch built this model out of styrene and now Himself is busy painting it.

2046 is very different visually from the other WHR carriages with its big, wide windows with the thin, sliding toplights above.

Now that the FR has its revised Super Barn 119, has joined it on the railway then there is a little more of a family appearance developing, but it still takes a little getting used to to my eyes.

Himself has added a little extra detail which I hadn't thought of - he's fixed some handrail knobs onto the seat backs to represent the brass knobs on the real carriage.

With luck 2046 will be ready in time for the Crawley show in April so we have have our WHR carriage rakes up to full strength for the first time.

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