Friday, 13 February 2015

From The Carriage Works

Himself has been putting in some long days in a continuing effort to clear the backlog of carriages waiting to be finished off.

He complains that it takes him as long to put on the final details, such as handrails, paint them and then glaze them as it does for me to build them in the first place. He has a point.

First in this post we see the last two of the 13m saloons which I built a number of years back - 2044 & 2045

The main job on these has been to fabricate and fit the handrails, which Himself tells me is his least favourite task.

The difficulty is that the latest designs of carriage have handrails which are attached with a T style post at each end rather than a nice, simple 90 degree corner which could be bent in a jig in seconds from just one piece of wire.

As Boston Lodge is continuing to knock out new rolling stock with this style of accessory there doesn't seem to be any prospect of his life getting any easier.

Also just about ready for traffic now is our rebuilt 116 which I have to say is looking rather tasty.

(And, yes, we are aware that the end doors are currently painted differently. This is a period piece.)

All it requires now is a pair of proper-sized, modern FR bogies.

I'll have some news on those this weekend all being well.

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