Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Oberon Wood - Phase 3

Every so often the Artistic Director surprises you with an unexpected surge in productivity.

So imagine my delight when an envelope arrived through the letterbox at the weekend containing exquisite plans for another 3 houses to make up the Oberon Wood scene.

These drawings are a true work of art and I am being careful to file all of them away after the models are built because they will make a wonderful archive collection.

To my mind they are to 009 modelling what the hand-drawn Wainwright books are to hillwalking.

I may be exaggerating slightly but I'm sure you get the point I'm making that they are beautiful things in their own right aside from their intended utility.

Yet again all three buildings are hideously complicated with nooks, crannies and split levels and it will be challenging to turn these 2d images into 3d models.

These three will complete the row of houses backing onto the cutting into Goat Tunnel and Himself has ordered that their construction be prioritised!

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