Sunday, 6 September 2015

Finishing Touches On The Tanker

A couple of weeks ago I handed over my new WHR water tank wagon for Himself to have a tinker with.

He's stuck on the transfers.

There's lots of other tiny wee technical blurb on the real one but quite frankly life's too short!

I also left it for him to make and attach the footstep which you can see at the right hand end of the frame.

These are hangers-on (excuse the pun) from the chassis' days as a DZ wagon but strangely it only still has one at one end.

He'll give it a protective spray of varnish before it join the fleet for the show at Dinas next weekend.

There may be some squabbling about what we do with it.

His idea is that we'll leave it parked in the siding at Beddgelert where the real one spends a lot of its time as an mobile emergency source of water in the event of a major lineside fire.

I , on the other hand, would prefer to see it hung behind one of the NGG16's at the head of a full rake of SAR freight stock.

I wonder who will get their way?


  1. I have seen this sort of dispute on another layout.
    It turned into a game where the location of the wagon depended on who was operating at the time!

  2. Rumour has it that the tank wagon might be being used on shuttle trains at Great and Small - I wonder if that will sway things!