Friday, 4 September 2015

Front Extension

The farmhouse is coming together steadily.

I'm hopeful that we'll at least have a basic, roofed shell to plonk on the blank space on the layout next weekend even if it will stick out like a sore thumb.

I spent one evening this week putting the window detail on the front extension.

The two big picture windows were a challenge.

They had to be fabricated with many of the right angle joints having no support other than the strength of the plastic bond itself. (In other words no strengthening pieces behind them and no large surface areas in contact)

As long as it doesn't get handled by the windows - which is unlikely - I think they'll survive ok.

With these three sides joined together and fixed in place on the front of the house you begin to get an impression of the size of the property.

All this time I've been referring to it as the front extension but I have no idea whether it was actually an original feature,  but it hardly matters.

The point is it's on now and I'll move my attention round to the back next.

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