Sunday, 20 September 2015

Take A Trip

During the show at Dinas last weekend we were able to update our Driver's Eye View videos of the layout.

Last time we tried this exercise was two years ago at Super Power when the layout was only half-complete with track running as far as Cwm Cloch Crossing.

 The videos are shot using a nifty little miniature camera belonging to one of our operators, and Dinas shed fitter Huw, mounted on a 4-wheel flat wagon and propelled along by one of our locomotives.

You want to ensure that you'll get a nice, smooth run with no jerking or hesitation so we rostered one of our NGG16's for the job.

We also had the unprecedented opportunity to repeat the exercise on Dduallt.

Please also take a look at the Layout Videos page on the blog where you'll find a wonderful 14 minute film of Bron Hebog in action last weekend.

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