Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Tonic For ALCO-holics

Himself has added another string to his bow - that of movie director!

Recently word got out that back in the early 1990's he shot quite a lot of video footage around the railway and now this archive has been digitised and he's given permission for it to be used and sold as the latest edition of Jon Marsh's DVD series.

Now as far as I know he's not getting a cut of the profits (or least if he is he's keeping it a secret from me!) so I have no ulterior motive for promoting the DVD here.

I do so because I believe a lot of FR enthusiasts will appreciate some of the footage, in particular those who are still pining for the Alco Mountaineer.

Without a doubt my favourite scene out of all that we shot those summers a quarter of a century ago was a down train leaving Tanygrisiau.

Mountaineer stormed up the bank with the driver making good use of that amazing chime whistle which was echoing around the mountains.

Here's a still I took from that moment.

Don't buy this DVD just for the pictures - buy it for the sound track!

Other highlights include footage of Conway Castle in main line service and, in the light of recent news about a re-assigning of carriage 111 to the departmental fleet, the disc includes some nostalgic  sequences with the push-pull actually set being pushed!

Himself was also there with his camera when DLG made one of its first forays along The Cob in an incomplete state.

All in all this DVD comes highly recommended. You would expect me to say that, wouldn't you.

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  1. Available from the F&WHR webshop.