Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Another One Done

I made such good progress with number 18 over the last few days that I think I can dare to declare it finished.

Well, as finished as it can be until we're in a position to mount it on the layout in any case.

There are a few details like the steps leading to the front door, a handrail and a post supporting the porch which will need to be added on much later.

The things which have been added on since the last post are the brickwork below the render line, the chimney, the guttering (what little of it is there is) and the capping on the top edge of the roof.

It was only after I'd done the brickwork that I looked again at the drawings and the research photographs and realised that this house is attached to the ones on either side meaning that almost nothing of those carefully measured and cut sections of brick on either side will end up being seen.

I've been trying to tell myself that at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing they're there but it's not working...

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