Friday, 22 January 2016

Foundation Level

With all the main walls of the house together the next task is to make it all sit level.

I often add 'foundations' in any case because it helps to locate the model better in its final position, and to build up the landscape around it, but in the case of many of these Oberon Wood buildings it's a necessity because the base lines of the walls slope and you obviously need the model to sit level.

Of course, being Oberon Wood, it's not a question of simply adding extensions below four walls because these houses have lots of little nooks and crannies such as the inset front door, and the garage, which juts out here on number 18.

I still have to add on a couple of courses of brick work below the render but I am tempted next to cut out and fit the three roof sections because they're nice and simple with no dormer windows to fit around or anything like that.

'Nice' and 'Simple' are two words you don't hear very often when building these houses....

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