Friday, 1 April 2016

Farm Fitting

As the weeks go by Himself is making more space in the railway room - sorry, garage - and he's been able to put up a second board so that he can fix the final position of the farmhouse.

The model appeared in a more basic form at the show at Dinas last year but this is the first time we've been able to place it in its spot on the layout since it was finished - or at least all the construction done.

Further down the track is the site of the barn which I have yet to make.

Once upon a time this was a derelict shell but in more recent years it has been completely renovated.

That's one of the challenges with modelling a real place which continually evolves.

There are other new farm buildings which have been put up in the intervening period as well, but we're not going to model any of them and so the barn will be done as a ruin.

I understand that the Artistic Director has some plans in hand so that can soon be added onto my To Do list which is lengthening once more as Boston Lodge churns out the carriages.

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