Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Green Scene

One of the joys of operating a layout at home - as opposed to at an exhibition - is that you can run what the heck you like and there is no know-it-all standing a few feet in front of you to point out the error of your ways.

These days Dduallt is our trainset and we'll do what we like with it, thus...

I think the Peckett 'Harrogate' looks rather good on the '90's push-pull set, don't you?

(Even better in the passing loop at Dduallt too, but that's a whole other debate...)

The Wee Controller  (my 3 year old boy) had ordered that we get this engine out of the box on that basis that it looked like Percy (of Thomas fame) which accounted for its presence.

The R T Models kit makes a very tidy model.  It runs beautifully on the outside framed Farish 08 chassis and it's got a nice lump of white metal right over the driving wheels to give it decent traction too.

Such a shame the FR never got around to rebuilding it.

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