Thursday, 14 July 2016

Design Time

Before I can begin on a model of 150 I'm going to have to create my drawing for it because apparently there is no such thing as an official one.

It rather begs the question about how they ever managed to build the real carriage, but such is the mysterious world of Blodge....

Anyway, back to my drawing.

I've made up this first draft using some measurements Himself took for me.

The difficulty I have is that I don't have any values for the overall length of the carriage.

Himself provided me with measurements for the widths of the various windows and I've used those as the basis for this plan.

What is concerning me just a little is that the carriage comes out at a smidgen longer than one of the standard Superbarns (that's a technical term, you understand) and now I need to ascertain whether that is correct or not?

One person I asked - who should certainly know - told me I'm on the right lines, but being the diligent journalist I am I would like to get that from a second source before I commit to using this drawing.

So I have tasked one of my secret agents to sneak up on the real carriage and take some more measurements for me.

I shall report back when the intelligence reaches me.

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