Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Engine Side Mastered

I think the first side of 150 is ready to be covered in pink gunge to make one of the two moulds which I will require.

Fortunately this carriage does not have as much intricate beading detail as other FR carriages so it only took around a hour to get this done.

Details worthy of note are the use of small, pre-shaped triangles which are glued into the corners of the main body panel to give the rounded look.

I've also stuck on small pieces of brass wire at the left hand end to represent the hinges on the 'secret door' in the observation saloon.

This is what is known on the FR as the 'engine' side of the carriage (a term relating the location of items within the old erecting shop at Boston Lodge, the engine in this case being a static one which drove the overhead machinery shafts) but for everyone else will be understood as the side which faces out to sea when standing in the platform at Harbour station.

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