Thursday, 7 September 2017

Grey Pony

Followers of progress on the FR will know that parts of the real Welsh Pony are being painted at Boston Lodge just now, and it seems to have motivated Himself to do something to our version.

This is the ill-fated Mercian kit - with a chassis that cannot be built without a great deal of bodging - and as you can see the arrangement is rather unconventional with the motor placed in the frame rather than fixed to the chassis.

We are hoping to finish our model in the same livery as the locomotive when its restoration is complete.

As it is likely to appear initially with a temporary paint job it looks like we will have to play the waiting game a while longer.


  1. It is going into temporary black followed by garraway era green Apparently. May have to wait a while to see it in the faded green that many thought was blue.

  2. Yes, I read that too. As always we shall wait until we see it first.